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How to make a explainer Video – The process

How to Make Explainer Videos

The process of making an explainer video generally involves the following steps:

Define the objective and audience: Determine the purpose of the video and the target audience. This will help in creating an effective message that resonates with the audience.


Develop the script: Write a script that clearly communicates the message and aligns with the brand voice and values. The script should be short, engaging, and easy to understand.


Storyboarding: Develop a visual storyboard to plan the sequence of the video. Storyboarding is like creating a rough sketch or blueprint of the video, and it will help ensure that the message flows smoothly and is visually appealing.


Voiceover: Record the voiceover narration that will guide the viewer through the video. Make sure that the voiceover artist has a clear and engaging tone, and that the pacing of the narration matches the visuals.


Animation and design: Create the animation and graphics that will be used in the video. This may involve creating custom illustrations, or using pre-existing graphics that align with the brand and message.


Editing and post-production: Edit the video to ensure that the pacing is appropriate, and the message is clear. This may involve adding sound effects, music, and visual effects to enhance the video’s impact.


Distribution: Publish the video on appropriate platforms, such as the company website, social media channels, or video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo.
Overall, the process of making an explainer video requires a collaborative effort between the creative team, scriptwriters, animators, and designers. The goal is to create an engaging, informative, and visually appealing video that effectively communicates the message to the target audience.